Koozies Produce A Cost Efficient Promotional Strategy

by Frank Barry

If you are looking to advertise your business, organization as well as you local sports team, Koozies are a relatively inexpensive way to advertise your brand. They are both an outstanding promotional tool too are very economical. They allow companies to customize and add their business logo, slogan, address, email, phone along with other credentials. It is much like a business card how the prospective customer may use over and over. A koozie is really a generally used like a can cooler or bottle insulator.

Bottle koozies are often made of foam, neoprene, or fabric; they come in a variety of sizes and can have many various uses. Often known as beer huggers, they are used to keep cans or bottles cold for approximately one hour.

Most often when industry marketers are using them as a promotional tool, they will order foam insulators as the actual koozie pricing along with a certain minimum order will normally be under .15 each so when ordered in bulk may be less. They are usually used as giveaway items at trade shows, grand openings, etc.

Numerous online merchants will help you to pick the colors and sizes you need for your order. With foam koozies you will have an area of around 3 x 3 on both front and back to add your advertisement. Selecting the best colors as well as ink and text style as well as submitting your art can add to the overall effectiveness of your promotional item.

What greater way to promote your brand, business or services then by utilizing imprinted koozies, they're just what your company needs to get your message across. Imagine the fact that many koozies wind up on desks, in coolers, at parties, and therefore are easily available in peoples cars. Each time one is used at a workplace, party, sporting event, your company logo, business name, address, etc is being advertised for mere pennies. Consider them like a reusable business card.

About the Author:

Koozies are an exceptional affordable marketing item to advertise your business by submitting your art or logo you can develop brand recognition.

The Most Watched Self Defense Video

by Bruce Strong

Enrolling in a martial arts class is one good option for those who are planning to take up self-defense training. You can learn self-defense tactics effectively in this mode because you get to have hands on education and trainings. However, it is possible that you would want to skip the class training and just learn on your own. It may be because you don't think you can catch up with their pace or you are not confident of your fighting skills. You don't have to worry because self-defense videos are now available for you to learn about martial arts and self-defense inside your very own home.

Given below are some useful tips on how to buy self-defense videos online. Look for a reputable online store First, you have to find a reputable online store that sells excellent instructional DVDs on self defense that are taught by renowned martial arts expert. There are a number of online stores that sell this kind of product. However, you must be choosy during your shopping activity so you can find the best choice.

Check products and prices Check the products that the store sells. Look at the prices too to see if it's right. Check out the same products with other stores then compare. It's not just the price that you should compare. Compare prices as well as the content and inclusions in the video. Remember, cheaper isn't always better. Always look for the products that are of best value and not those that are the cheapest.

Read online reviews Never buy without checking on the stores background. Read the reviews given by the customers on line so you can have the idea whether the stores customers were satisfied or not. You should not consider doing transactions with a store that is plagued with negative reviews. Sometimes, reading online reviews may not be enough. Contact other customers and ask them if they were really happy with the products they got from this store. Understand store policies

Before you head out to the checkout page, see to it that you've read (not browsed) and understood all the stipulations in the terms and conditions, more especially those in the fine print. If you feel like you do not have that one hundred confidence on the product, do not purchase it. Making sure that you understand policies like shipping, returns, cancellations, refunds, penalties, and so on will help you avoid future problems regarding your purchase.

Place your order and wait Once you have checked every detail of the store and product, you may now purchase the self-defense videos using your credit card. Check the store's security on credit card transactions. The page where you will put the credit card information should bear the word, HTTP at the web address and should contain a closed padlock symbol in one of the corners of the screen. Then you're good to go wait for your video to arrive and you can immediately start your training.

About the Author:

Bruce Strong is a fan of martial arts. By training himself with the different self defense techniques, he is equipped with different close combat training. To learn more about self defense video, inform yourself about self defense training.

UFC 85 Flashback: Alves, Bisping Win

by Ross Everett

A day after failing to make weight for his fight against Matt Hughes, Thiago Alves dominated the former UFC welterweight champion en route to a 2nd round TKO victory. The main event at UFC 85 in London was somewhat anticlimactic to the fans at the O2 Arena who considered the semifinal matchup between Manchester's Michael Bisping and Jason Day the biggest fight on the card.

Hughes didn't make any excuses following his one sided loss, saying simply that hes a good fighter and he got me. The longtime king of the UFCs welterweight division also gave notice that his career as an active fighter was drawing to a close, suggesting that he had one fight left and challenging Matt Serra in what presumably would be his retirement match.

The end came early in the 2nd round as Hughes was caught coming in by a devastating knee strike. He fell to the canvas in a heap and referee Herb Dean was jumping in to stop the contest before Alves could follow up with any punches. As the ringside physician entered the ring to check on the fallen fighter, Hughes gave an indication that his knee was injured.

Michael Bisping simply overwhelmed Jason Day en route to a lopsided TKO victory. Bisping built upon the improved boxing skills he demonstrated at UFC 83 by unveiling an impressive ground and pound attack. Day never really got anything going and by the last minute of the fight was simply trying to cover up to prevent damage from Bispings elbows and hammer fists.

In other action, Mike Swick used an array of high kicks and a 7 reach advantage to coast to a unanimous decision over Marcus Davis. Davis, a former professional boxer, was unable to get inside against his lanky opponent and was never really in the fight.

A controversial point deduction for a strike to the back of the head cost Nate Marquardt his match against Thales Leites. Marquardt was solidly in charge for the entire fight, but suffered a point deduction for an illegal knee strike in round one. While that infraction was valid, replays of the 2nd round deduction for the strike to the back of the head gave the impression that he was penalized for a legal strike to the side of the head. The 2 point deduction changed the outcome of the fight, with Leites winning a split decision by the scores of 28-27, 28-27, 27-28. Marquardt was obviously disappointed in the outcome, but to his credit handled the loss with class despite the questionable nature of the outcome.

In the opening PPV match, another controversial ending saw Fabrico Werdum defeat Brandon Vera by 1st round KO. The fight had been evenly contested up until the stoppage, with Werdum scoring a couple of takedown and Vera countering with some effective punching. Late in the first round, Werdum got a full mount and began to fire a series of punches. Vera was clearly defending himself and didnt appear to be hurt at all when the referee jumped in to stop the fight. Vera said that hed answered that he was OK when asked by ref Dan Miragliotta and that he was just trying to ride out the round from that position. Mirgliotta was also the referee in the Kimbo Slice/James Thompson fight, and some have suggested that matchup was also stopped prematurely.

About the Author:

Ross Everett is a widely published freelance writer and respected authority on World Series betting. His writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sportsbooks andsportsbook review sites. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with three Jack Russell Terriers and a kangaroo. He is currently working on an autobiography of former interior secretary James Watt.

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